The Gut Chronicles
the gut chronicles
About the book
With this book, which definitely includes a lot of faecal tête-à-tête, you will get to appreciate the complex nature of our gut but also use the book as guidance if you are struggling. This comes from someone who has both the qualifications, professional know-how and bowel-changing experience as a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome.

The book covers the seven most common gut conditions, some of which you may find yourself secretly "googling" about. It features easy-to-digest guidance on the lifestyle management of the following, through storytelling and humour: Reflux disease, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Food Intolerance and Haemorrhoids. The book also offers a roadmap to a blissful gut, which covers Sandra's 4 pillar approach and addresses the relationship between gut health and mental health, given how the recent pandemic has had an impact on both.
f you've been suffering from a faulty gut, there is no doubt that you've built an impressive collection of diet books that go from extreme exclusion to a plethora of contradicting food suggestions, leaving you more confused than when you had first embarked on your path to gut-recovery. The marvelous world of gut health has become incredibly mainstream where pseudoscience continues to inundate people's minds with false claims, promises and celery talk, making any responsible health professional cringe, banging their heads in disappointment.

This is where the Gut Chronicles comes in. The Gut Chronicles takes you on an uncensored journey into the world of gut health and nutrition, backed by the most recent science, recounting real-life tales seasoned with comedy.

ISBN: 9781781612293
Hammersmith Books Limited
Publication date
May 2023
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