Corporate Health
and Wellness
1. Empower to Thrive
The structured 4-month program offered by Nutrition A-Z covers a number of topics targeted at health in and out of the workplace and takes place over a 4-month period on-site (i.e. 1 session per month). The sessions come in the form of group workshops and cover a number of themes. You can choose any 4 themes from 6 essential topics for corporate health and wellness. You can also combine your program with other disciplines such as:

• Yoga
• Psychology
• Breathing and Meditation
• Autogenic training
• Medical massage therapy
• Fitness and training
• Life and business coaching

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Nutrition A-Z's signature corporate nutrition program
2. Individualised Nutrition Services for employees
On-site and off-site nutrition consults can be offered to your employees. We suggest a minimum of 3 consults in order to undergo a thorough assessment, provide enough education and allow
a few weeks to implement changes based on the individualised goals set.

At Nutrition A-Z, we offer a number of packages to suit your company's needs and can also include a combination of nutrition consults and medical massage therapy offered by our partner ent-spannt.
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A poor health status can impair day-to-day work performance & have a negative effect on job output and quality.
Studies have shown that providing on-site programs for health promotion and disease prevention achieve improvements in health and cost savings.
In brief, a successful health and wellness program is shown to provide companies with the following benefits:
Lower rates of illness and reduced absenteeism
Lower healthcare costs
Increased employee productivity and efficiency
Improved and lower stress levels
Better retention of healthy employees

The evidence is there!
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