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Beat the Bloat:
1:1 Management
This program is suitable for IBS sufferers as well as those with chronic bloating and digestive issues if other conditions have been ruled out such as IBD and Coeliac Disease.
x6 1:1 consults with an accredited dietitian
x1 30 min relaxation massage by ent-spannt
• If you are not based in Zurich, the 30 minute massage can be switched to a
30 minute follow up consult instead
The Program:
In addition to individualised plans, we will cover:
1:1 Management
Want to work towards a body composition that is unique to you? Then sign up to train and nourish your body and mind!
This program is about improving your fitness levels and performance alongside losing body fat and increasing muscle mass.
The Program:
x6 1:1 consults with an accredited dietitian
x1 30 min sports massage by ent-spannt
• If you are not based in Zurich, the 30 minute massage can be switched to a 30 minute follow up consult instead
In addition to individualised plans, we will cover:
• Basic nutrition principles of body fat loss and building muscle
Carbohydrate and protein intake and timing
• Portion guide and nutrient distribution
• Supplements (if required)
Beat the Bloat Online:
Self-directed course

Have you struggled with gut issues and are tired of constantly feeling bloated?
Have you spent endless time "googling" or looking for answers over social media on how to get a flat tummy or banish the bloat?
Have you been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) where your life continues to revolve around your symptoms?
Then look no further!
This self-directed online course created by accredited dietitian and IBS sufferer, Sandra Mikhail, will walk you through how to manage IBS symptoms, educating you on everything you need to know about IBS, the Low FODMAP diet, and your roadmap to achieving the coveted blissful gut. If you do not suffer from IBS, this course may be suited to you if you want to understand your symptoms better and gain some insight on how to get the help you need.
From the comfort of your home, you'll journey through 3 core modules:
1. Navigating the bloat - this module will give you an introduction about why bloating occurs and insights into potential causes and gut disorders
2. Eating to Beat the bloat - this module will mainly walk you through the low FODMAP diet - which is the nutritional approach for managing IBS as well as other important themes such as fibre.
3. The Road to a blissful gut - the final module covers topics that are essential to gut health from understanding the impact of stress on our gut to how you can nourish your gut microbiome.
With each module, I aim to equip you with knowledge and confidence to fear food no more and to finally beat the uncomfortable and painful bloat! So, with that, what are you waiting for?
• The possibility of a food intolerance
• The low FODMAP diet⁠
• Mind and Movement Pillars⁠
• Non-food triggers⁠
• Probiotic supplementation⁠
• Achieving a blissful gut⁠
4-week Online Group Program
Next cohort: TBA -Waiting list open

Have you failed to break away from dieting?⁠
Do you understand the psychology behind why you eat the way you eat?⁠
Was weight loss your motivator to change?⁠
Are you getting sick frequently?
Did you truly figure out what healthy means to you?⁠

Rebalance" is a 4 week dietitian-led group program helping you redefine what balance means to you when it comes to your wellbeing. Nutrition being at the core of it all. Over the course of 4 weeks, we'll be addressing a select number of topics and setting out our weekly group challenge to help start the transition towards balanced living.

Week 1: Setting your 4 pillar goals and creating the ideal kitchen to "rebalance"
Week 2: Understanding the "why" - insights into why you eat the way the way you eat
Week 3: The plate division and macronutrient ratios at meal time
Week 4: The diversity diet for gut health

The 4-week program at CHF 220.- includes:

•Weekly program material and challenges
•Weekly group video calls - Saturdays at 10:00 CET
•Access to your private group chat and a your personal food, mood, activity and symptom tracker throughout the program
•Sample 2 week meal plan provided at the end of the program to help put it all together
•Accountability, support and comedy
Rebalance Learnings:

•Understand what your true direction is when addressing the 4 essential pillars to wellbeing: nutrition, mind, movement and sleep.
•Recreate an environment at home that makes balanced eating easier and uncomplicated.
•Uncover the answers to why you eat the way you eat and discover how to overcome emotional eating, such as stress and comfort eating. Most importantly, how to eat with no guilt or shame!
•Implement the ideal macronutrient distribution at lunch and dinner to keep hunger levels at bay and maximise your energy levels.
•Achieve a diverse, plant-centric diet with 30 plant-based ingredients per week.
•Learn the ways to a stronger immune system by focusing on your gut health.
•Gain an understanding of how to get a good gut with regular bowel movements.
What are they saying?

"The Rebalance program was a lovely way to re-set my health journey. It was so helpful to be able to share with the group and connect on our common struggles. Sandra broke down the material in a really digestible way and went above and beyond to answer all of our questions. The holistic and realistic approach of the program provided some much needed clarity and guidance - refreshing!
" Anne

"I wasn't sure whether four weeks were enough to cause any change but they were the perfect nudge to address my stress eating and understand how to balance my meals in accordance to my hunger and my body's needs. Sandra's program offered means to make the science of healthy eating practical, realistic and actually doable ." Amal

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